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Chaplain James Sholl 

Reserve Chaplain

PLACE OF BIRTH: Kodiak Alaska

FAMILY:  My grandmother was an Alaskan native along with all her immediate family who were born and raised in Kodiak Alaska. My grandparents had six children. My mother, Alice was born in March of 1926 and remained in Kodiak all her life. For the first 16 years of my life I lived with my mother and grandparents in my grandparents’ home.  

CHILDHOOD:  I Started working at an early age and at 14 became a commercial fisherman and from that time until I graduated from high school fished commercial every summer. In my senior year worked for a construction company rebuilding downtown Kodiak after the 1964 good Friday earthquake and tsunami.

EDUCATION/WORK HISTORY:  Graduated from high school in 1965, attended some trade school classes and after high school working in various construction projects. In 1979 became licensed as an Electrical and General Contractor in the state of California and continued in my own business until retiring in 2016.

FAMILY/MARRIAGE: Married in 1965 to my high-school sweetheart, Patricia Rosengren, and we lived in Kodiak until 1969 at which time we moved to Santa Cruz, California where I worked for PG&E until we moved to east coast in 1972. We have two sons, Timothy and Ryan along with four grandchildren.

MILITARY:  In 1965 I became a member of the Alaska National Guard and severed for six years with the guard in both Alaska and California receiving my training in Fort Lewis Washington and Fort Ord California.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: I have served on the Board of Directors for Cameron Estates Community Services District as a board member, vice president and president for over 15 years. Attended Basic Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Academy in September of 2015 thru November 2015 along with Citizens Academy in March of 2016. I am a shareholder and voting member of the Natives of Kodiak.

IMPORTANT EVENTS: In 1970 both my wife and I became Christians and served the Lord in Santa Cruz until 1972 when we became church planters in Norfolk Virginia. After serving one year there we moved to New York for the same church and served there until 1976. From 1976 till 1989 we were in the same church until we moved to Cameron Park in 1989 and then became members of Discovery Hills Church.

CURRENT CHRISTIAN SERVICE: We have served at DHC in the capacity as children’s teachers for over 10 years and in 2015 I became an elder. Our desire together is to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus and to make our faith know to anyone who asks us about our beliefs. Our hope is to be pleasing to the Lord in all we do.



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