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Thank you!


We thank you so much for your donation to the Sierra Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. It is through your support that we are able to connect with individuals that are broken and hurting. This past year has seen its fair share of grief and trauma, but through the generous support of donors like you, we have seen new life come to those that have seen and experienced the worst life has to throw at them.


Our Chaplains are hard at work every day to build bridges into our community so they can reach those that find themselves lost in the midst of crisis. This work enables us to bring God’s presence into some of the darkest places and moments in our community. No matter the circumstances our Chaplains are there to let people know that there is hope.


The work doesn't start out on the street, it begins with each and every law enforcement officer that has dedicated themself to care for this community. Law enforcement officers often see the worst in us. They find us at our lowest and try to protect us from ourselves which can be a thankless and draining task. In order to help care for the officers that go out of their way to care for us, we go out of our way to connect them on their terms. We provide them with the support and care they need by getting to know them and working alongside them. 


“Thank you, Chaplain, for being here.” These words have become normal for us because people like you have stood with us financially to make this service possible to our police, survivors, victims, and witnesses. When people are struggling on the jagged cliffs of grief, loss, and hopelessness our Chaplains are often the only ones there to bring them hope.


Thank you again for making this work possible.


The Sierra Law Enforcement Chaplaincy   


If you find it necessary to modify your giving please contact us at:


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