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Our Chaplains
Chaplain Robin Drummond

Reserve Chaplain


God called me to serve Him almost four years ago after listening to a CD by Lt. Col. Tim Thompson, retired U.S.Army. I knew I would be able to do His will do to life experiences as my father; husband, brothers and sons are or were retired police officers. I love serving with Sierra Law Enforcement bringing comfort, understanding and information to those who are in need. Robin is an ordained minister and has responded faithfully to God’s call to serve Him by comforting those in need.

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Chaplain Tom Bartunek

Reserve Chaplain

Tom is a native Californian, born and raised in San Francisco.  He moved to Gilroy after Junior College and becoming a Journeyman in the Construction Trades.  His last tenure in his profession was as a Safety Manager.  He lives with his wife Helen of 34 years, in Garden Valley.  They have 3 grown children.
Tom has 4-½ years experience in Search and Rescue, 2 of those years with Santa Clara County.  He has family members that are retired law enforcement, and others military.  He has worked with City Teams of San Jose for over 8 years and has 15 years experience with other addiction recovery programs, and a parole program, as a coordinator, lay counselor, and support staff.  He has seen the effect that all this has had on all involved.  Tom strongly desires to use his life experiences to benefit our departments and the communities we serve, and is excited to work as a chaplain alongside our counties law enforcement and his fellow first responders. 

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