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January 2019 Newsletter

CHAPLAIN BETSY Happy 2019! We’ve started off the year with a full slate of calls for service, ranging from comforting families as their elderly loved one slips into the arms of Jesus to being a calm presence as parents weep over the loss of their child. The look of relief on our deputies faces when we reach a scene and take charge of distraught relatives is just one of the reasons we do what we do. In 2019 I am excited about what lies ahead for the chaplaincy.

We are kicking off the year with a celebration at our monthly chaplain training where we will honor our chaplain of the year and celebrate the service of Harry Hart who was the first chaplain recruited by Tim and is now retiring after over 25 years serving the chaplaincy. THANK YOU HARRY for your faithful service!

We are increasing training and resources for our volunteer chaplains, as well as looking to

expand our agencies served and services we provide. I’ll have more to share with you as things firm up. I’ll be meeting with our Amador team this month – please pray as we launch into Amador County. I’m also meeting with our Probation department and we are increasing our services to the COs at the jail. Our fire chaplaincy is gathering momentum under the direction of Lloyd Ogan and our team leads, Dave Crosson, Robin Drummond, Jim Lott and Ted Marfia are doing a great job leading and supporting our teams of chaplains.

As always, thank you for your prayers and faithful support of the chaplaincy. Together we are continuing the legacy started by Tim and serving the finest in El Dorado County and beyond. With gratitude,Senior Chaplain Betsy Vanderpool

CHAPLAIN EMERITUS: TIM One of the very first tasks I do when I enter the hospital is to go to the computer and call of the patient census. There are many codes that I have had to learn which is very confidential and tells you a great deal about a patient. One of the codes I am able to use is one that helps me determine if a patient is a veteran or a retired career military person. I am the only person in the hospital that focuses on our hospitalized military veterans. It is a great privilege to go to their bedside and make assessments of what their needs might be in a variety of areas which certainly includes the spiritual area. I have taken the past month off as I am recovering from a knee replacement. Pray for me as I return to duty and serve our hospitalized veterans in the coming year.

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