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Our Chaplains
Chaplain Robin Drummond

Reserve Chaplain


God called me to serve Him almost four years ago after listening to a CD by Lt. Col. Tim Thompson, retired U.S.Army. I knew I would be able to do His will do to life experiences as my father; husband, brothers and sons are or were retired police officers. I love serving with Sierra Law Enforcement bringing comfort, understanding and information to those who are in need. Robin is an ordained minister and has responded faithfully to God’s call to serve Him by comforting those in need.

Chaplain Roxanne Alby 

Team Leader, Reserve Chaplain

Roxanne Alby is a mother to 4 children and  has 2 Grandchildren. Roxanne has been a stay at home mom since 2007, before that she worked as an office manager and RN assistant in an Oncology office for a little over 3 years. In this job she found what she loved best and that was serving and comforting families in crisis. Roxanne has a true love for people and has demonstrated this throughout her life choosing to work in Oncology and as an EMT. Her strengths are compassion and empathy in crisis situations, teaching high school kids what it means to serve others, leadership in the mission field with young adults, cultivating relationships between the privileged kids and the poor in other countries, walking families through final days and moments with there loved ones, and ultimately knowing when to be listening and when to be offering direction in times of crisis. 


Roxanne has spent much needed time at home with her children and during this time she always continued to serve and volunteer with her church for kids camps, mission trips and leading several woman's bible studies. As some of her children have left home to start there own lives as adults she decided that she would like to start serving again in a greater capacity. Roxanne still has two children at home and in school so she was looking for a volunteer role in the line of work she loved most which is helping people in crisis. Chaplaincy has provided this opportunity for her to serve her community and do what she loves the most - love on other people in difficult times and serve the officers that serve our community. Roxanne's hope is to grow with El Dorado Law Enforcement Chaplaincy and be of service to her peers and her community however she is able and still be the best mom she can to the two children she has at home. Roxanne would like her legacy to her children and husband and friends to be - serve others and less of yourself and be the Fathers hands and feet when you are called to do so.

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