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Our Chaplains
Chaplain Robin Drummond

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God called me to serve Him almost four years ago after listening to a CD by Lt. Col. Tim Thompson, retired U.S.Army. I knew I would be able to do His will do to life experiences as my father; husband, brothers and sons are or were retired police officers. I love serving with Sierra Law Enforcement bringing comfort, understanding and information to those who are in need. Robin is an ordained minister and has responded faithfully to God’s call to serve Him by comforting those in need.

Chaplains Sunday and Tore Pearson 

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Chaplain Sunday Pearson holds a Ministry License through the Evangelical Covenant Church of America. Her home church is District Church in El Dorado Hills. Sunday completed 800 hours of Clinical Pastoral Education at the Veterans Hospital in Mather, California and Touro Infirmary in New Orleans, Louisiana. She attended Fuller Theological Seminary where she pursued a Masters Degree in Family Life Education with a strong emphasis on crises counseling. Sunday is married to Chaplain Tore Pearson, and they work as a Chaplain Team.


Chaplain Tore Pearson answered his chaplain calling when his wife, Chaplain Sunday Pearson asked that he accompany her when she was on-call. Chaplain Tore is a retired Civil Engineer who went through several weeks of study provided by senior members of Sierra Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. After training, he began assisting his wife. They now work as a Chaplain Team. Chaplain Tore is a Viet Nam combat veteran who has a soft heart for those who served in the armed forces. You will often find him speaking with veterans who are seeking a road to recovery from war related ailments both physical and psychological.


Chaplain Kirsten Weckworth 

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Kristen was inspired to volunteer for the chaplaincy by a friend who was already serving as a chaplain. Her respect of those who serve in law enforcement along with her desire to help others in difficult times made it a perfect fit for her. Although her own strength lies in her Christian beliefs, she meets others where they’re at in their moment of need and then finds connection, trust and healing in that space. Being a resource for others as they navigate through grief and other post-traumatic situations is very fulfilling for Kristen and she feels blessed to be a part of others’ lives through those times.