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Our Chaplains
Chaplain Robin Drummond

Reserve Chaplain


God called me to serve Him almost four years ago after listening to a CD by Lt. Col. Tim Thompson, retired U.S.Army. I knew I would be able to do His will do to life experiences as my father; husband, brothers and sons are or were retired police officers. I love serving with Sierra Law Enforcement bringing comfort, understanding and information to those who are in need. Robin is an ordained minister and has responded faithfully to God’s call to serve Him by comforting those in need.

Chaplain Ted Marfia

Squad Leader, Reserve Chaplain


Ted is a native Californian. Born, grew-up, and raised his family in San Jose. Ted has been married to Carri Marfia for 36 years. We have four children and 14 grandchildren. Ted and Carri spent approximately 13 years as foster parents to 23 medically fragile and/or drug addicted newborn children in Santa Clara and El Dorado County.


Ted spent almost 33 years as a Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriff and San Jose Police Officer. Having interacted with the San Jose Police Chaplaincy while employed, Ted saw first hand the value and important role a Chaplain can play in the community. Ted desires to use his law enforcement experiences to benefit the departments and community we serve.

Chaplain Alan Kushner

Reserve Chaplain


Growing up in a Jewish home with all the accompanying cultural traditions, I found the Messiah, Jesus around the age of 32. I attended Christian churches and started in ministry at Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation, I ministered there about 10 years. Serving as a Chaplain for law enforcement gives me a chance to get to know the officers which I find fulfilling, and I look forward to the ministry opportunities.

Chaplain Brenda Hawkins 

Reserve Chaplain


Hello, my name is Brenda Hawkins and it is my pleasure to serve you. I live in EDH, have a loving husband and a Silky Terrier named “Lady Victoria”. We Love to ride our bikes. We have 7 bikes total :). Mt. Bikes, Road Bikes, Cyclocross Bike and Cruiser Bikes. We race our Mountain Bikes out at Prairie City and Granite Bay. I am on the Cyclocross Team and ride for Kinetics.


I love being a Chaplain to our Law Enforcement men, women and their families to help support them in anyway I can. We live in a tough environment and giving back to them in a capacity where I can serve our brave men and women who sacrifice their lives everyday to keep our community safe is way way I can show respect, adoration and appreciation for everything they do. God Bless all of you and may God protect you every minute of everyday. Blessings and Prayers go out to you, Chaplain Brenda.

Chaplain Lois Stowe 

Reserve Chaplain